The Dr. Andrew K. Prinz Faculty and Staff Merit Award

Presented by the Alumni Association of Elmhurst College:


The Faculty and Staff Merit Award of the Alumni Association of Elmhurst College is designed to recognize past and current faculty and staff members of the College's Faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to the students and alumni of Elmhurst College by:

  • helping to promote a lifelong relationship between students and Elmhurst College;
  • helping to promote a lifelong relationship between Alumni and their Alma Mater;
  • participating, in a significant way, in Alumni programs and events;
  • encouraging either actively or by example, other members of the faculty and staff to be involved with the development of students into Alumni who maintain an ongoing association between themselves and Elmhurst College.

The Award bears the name of the late Dr. Andrew K. Prinz, Elmhurst College professor of Urban Studies (1969-2003), who epitomized the qualities that this award endeavors to honor.

Recommending of Candidates:

An alumnus/alumna and/or graduating senior may recommend a current, retired or deceased faculty or staff member for the Faculty and Staff Merit Award. The nominator may not recommend a past winner of this award, which includes: Dr. Andrew K. Prinz, Dr. Lawrence B. Carroll,
Dr. George Thoma, Mr. Doug Beach, Mr. Ross Kellan, Rev. H. Scott Matheney, and Dr. William Barclay.

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Tell us why the nominee should be presented with the Faculty and Staff Merit Award? (Has he/she demonstrated a commitment and involvement in your life, both as a student and as an alumnus/alumna? Was there a certain situation and/or event where this faculty or staff member helped you meet your goals and exemplified the criteria of this award. Do you have a favorite memory of your faculty or staff nominee?)

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